Lorraine Tramain

Hi there! Thank you for visiting my site and for supporting my stories. On this page, I take the time to introduce myself, telling you a bit more about my personal life.

About me

Let’s start at the beginning

I was born in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, in August 1992. Although my family moved to Belgium when I was about two years old, I will never stop seeing myself as a ‘chicha.’ The island will always be a part of me, and I try to go back as often as possible.

Though a good student, I didn’t feel the need to continue pursuing academics and began working at Brussels Airport at age eighteen. The job entailed a lot of different facets; check-in, (de)boarding, taking care of unaccompanied minors, etc. I worked there for four years before moving on to Customer Support for a Belgian tour operator. Recently, I've said goodbye to that life and became a receptionist in a four-star hotel.

Considering my chosen career so far, it’s no surprise to learn I’m quite fond of languages, culture, and traveling. I speak Dutch, English, French, and Spanish fluently, and some Italian, German, and Mandarin. Japanese is on the way, thanks to a lot of anime. Knowing so many languages has always been very useful in my job or when going on holiday. Plus, it’s funny to see someone’s reaction when they suddenly realize you can understand and answer them.

One last fun fact I wish to share; I am an avid Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel fanatic, with The Little Mermaid and the Thor movies being my absolute favorite.

My love for literature

There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island. Walt Disney said that. And you know what? He was right. To read and write is an absolute joy and enriches my life every single day. But it’s a bit more personal for me.

I was severely bullied in my childhood. So much so that I hid in our school’s library during breaks. The first stories I read as a child were, of course, fairy tales. But during those hiding sessions, I took books with many strong-willed characters. Those who stood up to the villains and fought them against all odds. They were my comfort, my strength, and my friends.

It got better in high school - I became more sociable with my classmates, but I still preferred to just sit on my own during breaks and read. Even now, I never leave the house without a book in my purse. Old habits die hard, I suppose.

My first novel

My regular hobbies (baking, drawing, cosplay, etc.) weren’t enough to fully disconnect from a sometimes very stressful job. Though I dabbled a bit during my teen years, I started my first genuine attempt at fiction by writing YA drama. That didn’t work out quite so well, so I took a step back and looked at what I liked to read. The answer was simple; fantasy, paranormal and historical, but most importantly, drama. Gut-wrenching, hardcore, tear-jerking drama.

My favorite authors include Diana Gabaldon, Philippa Gregory, Cassandra Clare, Edgar Allan Poe, and Alexandre Dumas, and I will admit at having taken inspiration and guidance from them. But why not, right?

I finished Fallen Angel in September 2021, after writing and researching for a little over four years. The book has already undergone several edits and has won some awards on Wattpad as well.
A prequel to this tale, How The Morning Star Fell, is in the making, and will center on the book’s secondary couple and how their actions lead to the events in Fallen Angel.

The intriguing realm of FanFiction.

I joined Wattpad in November 2019 and AO3 in December 2020, where I discovered a whole new world (Disney-pun intended). The first stories I looked up were all from the series I followed, and I was in awe at the creativity of all these different authors who could twist the stories to make them their own. Me being me; I tried my hand, staying fairly close to my preferred genres.

Daughter of Heaven, a Supernatural FanFiction, was the first one posted. Who can resist the Winchesters, after all? My love for Disney and Marvel then got the better of me, prompting me to create Loyalty & Mischief, a Loki FanFiction, and You Must Remember Me, a Bucky Barnes FanFiction. The Lost Flower Of The Hidden Leaf, which fans will recognize to be a Naruto FanFiction, and Angel Of Mercy, a Death Note fanfiction, further emphasize my love for gripping story-telling and powerful characters.
All these stories are dear to me, and I add just as much mystery and drama in these as in my novel. In other words, be prepared for anything.

It doesn’t take much

It really doesn’t. A tiny spark will do. If an idea speaks to me, my mind immediately wanders off and creates something out of it. As a result, I’ve written several short stories using prompts from Wattpad Contests.

Future projects

I can’t say much yet for obvious reasons, but I did mention before that the prequel to Fallen Angel is in the works. Stay tuned for further news on that. And apart from this, I plan to write a WWII drama based loosely on my grandparents.

I am honored that you took the time to read my bio and visit my site. If you weren’t already enticed to read one of my stories, I hope you are now.