30 Days to Save the World – Day 17; The Surface

The Surface is part of WCX 2023 Summer anthology 30 Days To Save The World

Thirty days.

The countdown has started, North America shivers under the shadow of a massive alien spacecraft, and humanity is hurtling toward an unknown future that lurks at the end of the timer. Somewhere, somehow, the heroes are making their plans to fight the extraterrestrials.

But this isn’t about them.

From the team at WritersConnX comes a new anthology about the rest of us – the average, the ordinary, the unassuming – and the many paths we run when our time is cut short.

And no damn aliens!

Written by: WCX Writers & Creators
Rodney V. Smith, M.B. Dalto, Jane Peden, A.B. Channing, Eliza Solares, Jinn Tiole, Crystal Scherer, Cayleigh Kennedy, C.C. Starfield, Nova Nicalynn, Leigh W. Stuart, Franklin Barnes, Mags Lorang, Evelyn Hail, Lorraine Tramain, Fiora Voss, Wren Arrior, J.A. Jumphol, Bethany Swafford, Jamie Lemon, Mittu Ravi. Julia Esposito, Cardin Watts, Mikaela Bender, Jovi R, Sam Camp, Mhavel Naveda, Brittannie Charmintine, Van Carley, Henry Scott, Melody Grace Hicks, David J. Thirteen, C. S. Solarys, Hannah J Nelson, Vee Lozada, Eli Gregory, Kristin Jacques, Ben Sobieck, Bianca Di Cocco

Compiled by: Rodney V. Smith, Van Carley, Eliza Solares, Ina Ramos

Genre; sci-fi, thriller, LGBTQ+ 

Mature reading

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What does an alien spacecraft do to the oceans? 

Eric and Aaron are taking a trip across the sea and away from the aliens. But with a unique family on board and strange phenomena closing in on their location, nothing is going according to plan.


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