The Big Book of Quickies – The First Rapture

The First Rapture is part of RKB’s Summer 2024 erotica anthology

The Big Book of Quickies was designed for erotica lovers who don’t have hours to spare getting swept away, much like the characters you will meet. But don’t let the title fool you: although hasty when it comes to getting down and dirty, this collection offers plenty of variety in these 69 tales of rapture and hot sex of all kinds. From raunchy to romantic, these stories include a wide range of sexualities, turn-ons, fetishes, and kinks, taking place in the real world and paranormal realms.

Whether bedding a stranger just for the moment, taking a few minutes to indulge their desires with a long-time partner, or pursuing their biggest sexual fantasy, putting pleasure front and center is what these horny characters have in common. If erotic tension, burning desire, and instant gratification are what you seek, look no further than The Big Book of Quickies.

Written by:
Rebecca Chase, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Lou Kane, Lorraine Tramain, Allison Armstrong, Em Farris, Morrigan Blackburn, Erica McGillivray, Dena Hankins, Belit Hague, Dr. J., Charlie Powell, Elena Ramirez, J. Crichton, Jodie Griffin, Henri Tisserand, JK Mill, Melanie Anton, Nillin Lore, M.P. Clifton, Posy Churchgate, Laurel Isaac, Angela Kempf, Evie Bennet, Millicent Moore, Avi Ben-Zeev, Dorothy Freed, Jordan Monroe, J.C. Parker, Andreas Parks, Yancy Ball, T.C. Mill, Jordyn Kross, Rachel Harley, Zélia Parks, Ever Westwood, Fidel M. Love, Christian Pan, Kristina Wright, Ramone Quides, C.W. Steohen, Julie Fennell, Del Bartlette, Nick Walker, Peter Marriott, D. Fostalove, J.L. Jenson, Deborah Castellano, H. Keyes, Kendel Davi, Mary Walker, G.C. Elizabeth, Dean Franklin, Inga Gardner, Candice Leigh, A. Zimmerman, Camille Adler, Sidney Kidd, Cariadwen, Lilith Young, Rien Gray, Lucy Felthouse, Aime’ SansSavant, Daniel Z. Knight, Susan St. Aubin, Nikki Wren, Minx Noir, A. Boss, Anna Sansom

Compiled and edited by: Rachel Kramer Bussel, Cleis Press

Genre; erotica

Mature reading



Who says quick sex can’t be thrilling? There’s something exhilarating about the rush of raw emotions, wild, naked escapades, and the excitement of giving in to temptation without a moment’s notice. The same can be said for an erotic tale that can leave you breathless in just a few minutes of unabashed ardor.

For Lilith, the first woman, temptation comes in the form of an Archangel come down to Paradise to show her just what it means to lose oneself and find true bliss.


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