Angel of Mercy

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When the enigmatic detective, L, calls in reinforcements in his investigation against Japan’s newest serial killer, he inadvertently brings in a much greater threat – the only foe who ever escaped his justice.

Genre; FanFiction (Death Note and The GhostWhisperer)
Crime/mystery, thriller, romance

Mature reading

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Kira holds Japan in his grasp as he targets criminals escaping justice. Some call him a hero. Others seek to catch him.
The world’s greatest detective, L, takes on the case but quickly finds himself thwarted at every turn. Kira is unlike anyone he has ever faced before – silent, meticulous, and seemingly as intelligent as him. In his desperation, L calls in C. She is his perfect match in all fields but holds no scruples and isn’t afraid to place herself in a killer’s mind if that solves the case. Yet her greatest asset is her ability to see the dead and dying. Together, L and C prove a fearsome challenge for Kira. Yet the secrets surrounding her, which L is determined to take to his grave in order to protect her, threaten to surface.
With everything to lose, can L keep C on his side? Or will the haunting past clash with the deadly foe of the present to determine a future where L is no more?
Three players, one fatal outcome – who will be the last one standing?

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Azia Elga

    A fantastic read for all Death Note fans! Lorraine perfectly captured the essence of L’s character in this gripping story full of mysteries.

    • Lorraine Tramain

      I hope the next chapters continue to grip you. Thank you for all your comments!

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