Loyalty and Mischief

Genre; FanFiction (MCU)

Mature reading

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A young woman with a burning secret is to marry the Crown Prince of Asgard but instead falls for his dark, mischievous brother. Can their love prevail when all oppose it?

What if… Loki had a wife? This is the story of the only woman who ever loved the God of Mischief.

Lady Sigyn arrives in Asgard as the betrothed to the Crown Prince, Thor Odinson. But there is another who seeks her out – the second son, Loki. The God of Mischief had meant to use Sigyn in his scheme to shame Thor before all the Nine Realms, but something unexpected happens. Loki finds himself falling in love with his brother’s fiancée.
All of Asgard believes their love is cursed, born out of deception and mischief. Despite their many hardships, the love between Sigyn and Loki only grows.
Until one fateful day, a terrible secret comes out, and Loki spirals down, believing his entire life, including Sigyn’s love, is a lie. Will Loki freeze his heart to her and seal both their fates? Or will Sigyn be able to save both Loki and her people from certain impending doom?


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