You Must Remember This

Genre; FanFiction (MCU and Call The Midwife)

Mature reading

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Bucky Barnes is about to learn that the woman he hated was actually the only woman he ever truly loved.


After the events that lead the Avengers to fall apart, Steve Rogers entrusts his friend Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier to the Crown Prince of Wakanda. But after only a few days, an assassin is caught within Wakanda.
Her codename – Nemesis. Her mission – to kill the Winter Soldier.
In their search for answers, Steve and Bucky find a link to someone from their past, someone they never thought they would hear of again – Evelyn Rogers, Steve’s twin sister. The pair discover that Evelyn died in a fire in the 60s, under suspicious circumstances. The only thing that was retrieved from the ashes was a strongbox, containing several letters and a carefully wrapped package for one James Buchanan Barnes.
The package holds Evelyn’s diary, which Bucky finds strange since he and Evelyn hated each other. She would never have left him anything personal. And how could she possibly have known he was still alive?
Pushed on by Steve, Bucky reads Evelyn’s final words, and page by page, his memories return. But as he nears the end of the diary, fear takes hold of Bucky’s heart. This could well be the one memory that should have remained buried.


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